Construction Progression Monitoring

      Keep tabs on your construction project, monitor property developments, and assess land for potential with ease using the latest drone data collection tools. With today’s advanced drone technology, custom flight paths can be tailored to capture still imagery and video during the initial drone flight of your construction site or property location. These flight paths can then be saved and reused for regular updates, providing valuable insights into day-to-day, week-to-week, or month-to-month progression. Whether you’re a construction manager overseeing project timelines, a real estate agent showcasing a property, a land developer evaluating potential sites, or an insurance company assessing property conditions, utilizing drone data collection ensures accurate documentation and informed decision-making. Stay ahead of the curve and maintain confidence in your investments with comprehensive aerial monitoring tailored to your industry needs.

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Hatch Pattern Flight Plan
Autonomous Flight Planning

Still Images

Saved flight paths enable drones to revisit specific locations effortlessly, offering a comprehensive view of your job site’s progression. Whether monitoring is required daily, weekly, or monthly, this technology facilitates easy comparison of site progress with a quick glance. Each visit provides valuable insights into construction milestones, empowering you to anticipate challenges and ensure project success.


Similar to still imaging, drone operators can create reusable flight paths for consistent monitoring of job site progress. Time-lapsed videos offer dynamic perspectives of site evolution, while manual drone flights capture specific areas for targeted insight. This versatility ensures comprehensive coverage and accurate documentation, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions and effectively manage construction projects.

360 Photos

360-degree tours and photos are indispensable for documenting job sites. Aerial 360 photos offer a bird’s-eye view of the site’s layout and surroundings, while exterior shots track construction progress, and interior tours delve into structural details. These immersive visuals facilitate thorough coverage, aiding in early issue detection, maintaining quality and safety standards, and can serve as vital legal documentation in disputes. Ultimately, 360-degree photos and tours are essential when a complete visual representation is required.

2D Before and After

By leveraging drones and specialized software, aerial images of expansive areas can be captured and seamlessly stitched together. Drone mapping applications offer a view of your entire job site, facilitating effortless monitoring of changes in material and fill piles, vehicle movements and other activities. For rapid assessments of site dynamics, 2D Orthomosaic models provide detailed insights in mere moments.